Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wild Target

Well worth buying ex-rental. I generally love British films, and this one is no exception. Bill Nighy is exceptionally British, oh such a gentleman, yet a hitman :)
His target is Emily Blunt(of Wolfman fame), who in a hilarious scene, manages to rip-off an art colector.
The scene where Nighy is waiting to shoot Emily, whilst she is canoodling in the bedroom, is brilliant satire, and was very imaginative.
Nighy decides that he cannot kill Emily, and gradually falls for her. So of course then a contract is put out on the both of them. During the first attempt to kill them both, they pick-up a young lad who actually saves them by accident. I have to say a lot of the humour is stupidity but its great that a lot of it you have to read, and its not just slapstick. The car racing scene was hilarious,considering an old banger of a mini was outrunning a merc. Similar idea to RED here where the good guys are running from the bad. Had Nighy not been so great I would have rated this film lower, because there are much better British films out there, but for this I give a 7 out of 10. I should add that this really is aimed at english audiences, so don't flame it if you don't get it.


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