Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cats And Dogs - The Revenge Of Kitty Galore

Yay what fun. Ok not an adult film, but a really great way to waste some time. Kids loved it. I personally think Marmaduke was better but that me.
Kitty Galore(a cat, incase Kitty didn't give it away), is trying to takeover the world, by sending all the dogs on the planet mad. So the cats and dogs have to join forces to stop her. There is a new recruit Butch, who being a failed police dog because he cannot follow orders, has to learn to follow orders, so that the plan to stop Kitty does not fail. This is a very enjoyable flick for the kids, and I certainly did not mind sitting there watching it with them. Definitely a DVD purchase and a well deserved 8 out of 10.


Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Hmm. I thought someone had swapped the tobacco in my rollup for something else watching this. Very weird film indeed. Maybe I didn't get it, but I really did not understand this film. Only my youngest 2 watched this one and lost interest after about 15 minutes.
Scott Pilgrim(Michael Cera - of Superbad fame?) has to defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes in order to win her heart. They all have unexplained weird superpowers, as does Scott. So simply Scott fights each ex, beating them and winning his new girlfriends heart.
A very bizarre film and sorry to say, not one I will watch again. Yes its a non-thinking film, coz if you think about it you just end up more confused. A great way to waste 90 odd minutes, but I do suggest a few beers before, and during, and probably after. 3 out of 10 which im sure il get flamed for, but I really do like to understand what is going on, and I sure didn't here.


Monday, 25 October 2010

Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps

Not a shade on the original. Maybe its the lost originality im not sure. Michael Douglas is excellent as shady Gekko again, but im afraid this aint as good.
Gekko is poor after release from prison, and befriends his estranged daughters boyfriend. The boyfriend foolishly trusts him as his mentor has been killed, and Gekko says he can tell him who did it. Now i can't say much more for ruining the film, except do not whatever you do expect this to be as great or as i guess coniving as the first. One good thing is that you really do not need to see the first film to watch this one. I did enjoy this film, but my rating is reduced compared to the first. 7 out of 10 seems fair, but only because of michael douglas. He retained the sly foxlike mentality from the first. Please if you do enjoy this film, do watch the original Wall Street, and you will not be dissapointed.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Do not be put off by the fact this is a for-tv looking film. Admittedly within the first 10 minutes I was willing to turn this film off, but im glad I decided not too. Its a bizarre plot involving an out of control plane, and u'd never have guessed it, ALIENS lol. Poor acting I have to say, but the story is well written, and the twist to the story is utterly brilliant. I honestly never guessed. Although a sadish sort of ending, I think it was definitely the right ending.
The film is definitely worth a rental, but not worth purchasing for me. Il give this 6 out of 10, but had the actors been far better, would easily have been an 8.


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Think im a bit old for this one. This really is a kids film, as mine all said "BRILLIANT".
Bad owls kidnap many baby owls to takeover the world, and it is upto 2 owls to let the guardians know what is going on, and so to stop the bad owls. Sorry its vague but I didn't watch properly as it really wasn't for me.
I can't add much, except it was well animated, and had a great storyline. I know my kids will watch it again as soon as possible, so for adults its a 6 out of 10, but for kids its gotta be 10 out of 10.


Wild Target

Well worth buying ex-rental. I generally love British films, and this one is no exception. Bill Nighy is exceptionally British, oh such a gentleman, yet a hitman :)
His target is Emily Blunt(of Wolfman fame), who in a hilarious scene, manages to rip-off an art colector.
The scene where Nighy is waiting to shoot Emily, whilst she is canoodling in the bedroom, is brilliant satire, and was very imaginative.
Nighy decides that he cannot kill Emily, and gradually falls for her. So of course then a contract is put out on the both of them. During the first attempt to kill them both, they pick-up a young lad who actually saves them by accident. I have to say a lot of the humour is stupidity but its great that a lot of it you have to read, and its not just slapstick. The car racing scene was hilarious,considering an old banger of a mini was outrunning a merc. Similar idea to RED here where the good guys are running from the bad. Had Nighy not been so great I would have rated this film lower, because there are much better British films out there, but for this I give a 7 out of 10. I should add that this really is aimed at english audiences, so don't flame it if you don't get it.



Interesting film I have to say. Its a kind of blend of Killers and Did You Hear About The Morgans.
Old Brucey(should I call him old :p) is RED (Retired and considered Extremely Dangerous), ex CIA and arranges to meet a woman he speaks to only on the phone. To cover-up a CIA operation in the past, Bruce, among others, is on a hit-list. Once he realises he is in danger, he knows the killers will try to kill the girl as well. What remains is an enjoyable romp where Bruce and the girl, play cat and mouse, trying to discover who the killers are, but also trying to keep well away from them. A great family film this one, but if your after Die-Hard action, this is not one of those films. A definite 9 out of 10. WAY WAY better than Cop-Out.


Monday, 4 October 2010

The Last Airbender

What was all the hype about. Even my kids thought the film wasn't great. We all sat in great expectation, and left like we had only watched half the film. For me the worst part was that the producers used an american for the airbender role, I instantly lost any belief that I had.
The world needs the last airbender to defeat the fire people, we find out the airbender only knows how to bend air, big battle and film ends. Pfffftttt. Absolute rubbish. And the effects were poor to say the least. Poor poor poor. Obviously there will be more of this rubbish to cheat people out of their hard earned cash so please, its at most 3 out of 10.


Streetdance 3D

Awesome film. And YES its a British film. Watch it if only for the music. A streetdancing team have nowhere to practice, so a ballet school step in, in return for some of their pupils to learn streetdancing. The end result is a mix of streetdance and ballet. Excellent storyline, and for actors I have never seen before(well many of them), they were all brilliant. The music kept me seriously trippin throughout the film. If I don't buy the film I will definately buy the soundtrack, but if you like these types of film, this is a deffo 10 out of 10.


Jonah Hex

Im sorry, but i thought this was a pile of c**p. I have never read the comics that this is based on, and for one of these types of films, it was to me a real let-down.
Madman kills Jonahs family so he gets his revenge basically. An incredibly bizarre film, with an incredibly bizarre weapon at the centre of the plot, that could not even possibly exist at the time. The writer must have been on some illegal substance at the time. Jonah even reminded me of Hellboy :p. 5 out of 10 as at least I watched the whole film, but a really dire movie.


How To Train Your Dragon

Had to get this one for the kids. Loved it myself tho :) Young Hiccup befriends a dragon, and makes the rest of the vikings realise that the dragons are actually harmless, and not vicious killers. And of course he gets his girl along the way. I loved the training sections where the dragons appear so hard to beat, yet Hiccup wins soo easily. A brilliant storyline, and I think perfectly executed very nicely detailed graphical rendering. A must for all family members.