Monday, 25 October 2010

Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps

Not a shade on the original. Maybe its the lost originality im not sure. Michael Douglas is excellent as shady Gekko again, but im afraid this aint as good.
Gekko is poor after release from prison, and befriends his estranged daughters boyfriend. The boyfriend foolishly trusts him as his mentor has been killed, and Gekko says he can tell him who did it. Now i can't say much more for ruining the film, except do not whatever you do expect this to be as great or as i guess coniving as the first. One good thing is that you really do not need to see the first film to watch this one. I did enjoy this film, but my rating is reduced compared to the first. 7 out of 10 seems fair, but only because of michael douglas. He retained the sly foxlike mentality from the first. Please if you do enjoy this film, do watch the original Wall Street, and you will not be dissapointed.


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