Sunday, 6 February 2011


Hmmm. Not great, but OK. Was worth the watch, but all seemed completely unbelievable, and to be honest a bit messed up.

Briefly put. Five people become stuck in an elevator, and one-by-one they each incur either horiffic injuries, or death. Of course everyone blames each other. So the devil is killing these people, because they have done something horrific to someone else in their past and so must pay. But once we realise who the devil actually is, the last remaining character standing confesses, and apologises for his sins. Because of this the devil must spare this poor soul. The twist here, is that this person is infact the accidental killer of the detective in charges son.
Definitely one to rent before considering buying. 5 out of 10.


Bonded By Blood

Don't watch this unless ur British lol. A typical British gangster film. I loved it, but then I think Michael Socha is great. Not a big budget flick but the tension is there, and the director did a great job.

In 1995, drug suppliers and career criminals Tony Tucker, Patrick Tate and Craig Rolfe were blasted to death by a shot gun whilst waiting in a Range Rover in Rettendon, Essex. The film charts their rise to become the most prolific dealers and feared criminals in the south of England, maintaining the hold on their empire with fear and violence until their untimely death.


Alpha And Omega

Two young wolves at opposite ends of their pack's social order, are captured, and removed from their homeland. There is severe rivally between Kates pack, and the Eastern pack. Kate accepts an arranged marriage with Garth of the Eastern pack to unite the packs for peace, whilst Humphrey, is in love with Kate, but is not allowed to marry her, as he is just a simple omega.
Kate and Humphrey are captured by the park's rangers and sent to an Idaho park as part of a wolf re-population project. Kate is determined to return to wed Garth, and Humphrey offers to help with the assistance of two very strange geese. During this time, Garth find attraction to Kates sister Eve. I don't want to spoil it all but all comes well in the end. An excellent film for the children, but is also great for adults too. All in all a respectable 9 out of 10.


127 Hours

Oh no I thought as I sat down to watch this. 90 minutes of watching a bloke stuck in a crevice. How exciting......... Oh how I was wrong with my sarcasm.
This really is one of those films that grows on you. I can honestly say, by the time the young man(James Franko), got himself free, I was wishing the worst, and hoping he would stay stuck. The film simply ended too quickly. I was soo sucked in. I just can't explain it.
This is definately not a kids film, simply because they will not understand the point of the film.
Just do yourself a favour and watch this film. It is simply amazing. 10 out of 10.


13 (Thirteen)

A young man(Jack), takes the identity of another man, who has just been murdered. Believing he can takeover the occupation of the dead man, Jack follows the directions given in a letter, hoping that he will earn lots of money.
Unfortunately, little does he know that the job entails standing in a room with a gun to his head. A selection of people stand in a circle, each with a gun to his head. Each person spins the barrel of their gun, until the light goes out(cant remember if its on or off lol). When this happens they all shoot. While this is happening their owner, i guess you could call them, is betting, and taking bets on who survives or dies.
I did personally enjoy the film, but its not for everyone. Not the greatest film, and no i will never watch it again, but I did not feel I had wasted my time watching it. I say watch it if you have nothing better to do. A max 4 out of 10 from me.