Thursday, 16 September 2010


Not sure about this one. Very interesting the first %90 of the film, building up the relationship between Dren and her, um, parents. But blimey did it drag for me. Way way too long. And then the actual alieny action bits only lasted about 15 minutes right at the end. I doubt very much I shall watch this film again. Had I wanted to watch a family type of film I would rate this movie higher. But with an alien in it, I wanted a lot more.
I guess you do need to watch this at least once, but rent, do not buy as you will probably never watch it again. 5 out of 10 only unfortunately.



avatarlady said...

i love adrien brody and this movie is very strange. it received high ratings and positive reviews online. what's your take on the sex scene with the alien?

Dave said...

The sex was nothing special. Even though with an alien, the alien was very humanoid so the sex looked normal basically. Only real difference is generally the female does not want to kill you afterwards lol. I hope thats true in most cases.

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